blue-zoom (1)Do you ever wish there was more magic in this world like you believed in when you were a kid?

One thing I love telling kids about is this magical rag and the different qualities it has. The first thing about this rag is that it is invisible: no one can see it.  It also never needs to be cleaned because somehow the dirt magically disappears. This rag can also recognize its owner and can only be used by him. If someone else tries to use the rag, it just doesn’t work. By the time I get to this point the kids jaws have dropped.

Now, this magical rag is used just like all the other rags.  It wipes away dirt, grease, gum. It can also be used to scrub or polish. It really functions as a multipurpose rag.

By now the adult reader may have realized that I am talking about Confession. But whether an adult or kid, if we think an invisible magical rag is awesome, how much more the possibility of having our sins forgiven and our friendship with God restored!

This could be a way to explain this sacrament  to children. May we never forget about this magical gift God has given us.

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