So who is your next door neighbor? Someone who was probably a stranger to you before you moved in. By now, you probably know your neighbor’s name and that of their dog. They may even be your friends.

But for me, my next door neighbor is the reason I moved in.

Let me explain, our seminaries are built in a very simple campus style. We have our main chapel, the auditorium, dining room and class rooms in different buildings that are relatively close to each other. Then we have 3 identical dorm buildings that together can house our 300 seminarians. Each seminarian has his own room with the bare necessities: bed, desk, bathroom, closet and kneeler. All of this is much like an ordinary dorm. On each floor of the 3 buildings though, we have a simple oratory that from the outside looks like just another brother’s room. But on the inside, Jesus is present. He is available for us to stay conversing with him during the day or for us just to pop in  for a few seconds on our way to class.

While all of our seminarians are lucky to have Jesus so close to us, I must say I am especially lucky, since Jesus is only across the hall from me. That’s right, 3 steps and I am in the presence of the creator of the universe.

If you are jealous, I did not meant to make you so. But know that even if you are not as physically close to Jesus during the day as I am, Jesus is so interested in you it is as if he is physically present. Our job it to realize how close he really is and to welcome him into our daily activities.

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