Br. Anthony Freeman, LC: 1988-2018

The Br. Anthony Freeman Foundation was started by his parents to continue the work of evangelization that he began as a seminarian.  All proceeds go towards supporting the formation of Catholic seminarians.

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Br. Anthony

Br. Anthony Freeman, LC, was a Legionary of Christ seminarian studying Theology in Rome.  Shortly after completing the book “One Step Closer”, he passed away from cardiomyopathy on Easter Monday, 2018.  He was only months away from his diaconate ordination.

His Mission

In life, Br. Anthony’s love for Christ lead him to work tirelessly to evangelize, and he had a large social media presence.  His book is a compendium of some of the reflections and lessons that he shared with the many people he was able to reach before his untimely passing.

The Foundation

Br. Anthony’s parents, Brian and Debbie, started The Br. Anthony Freeman Foundation after his death, as a way of continuing his work and honoring his legacy. The Foundation seeks to raise funds to help support the formation of Catholic Seminarians.